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Learn in which ways UserGuiding can help you achieve your goal.


User Onboarding

Increase retention with a code-free onboarding software. Show new users how your product works and lead them to success.

Feature Adoption

Boost product adoption by promoting new features. Introduce and highlight new features with interactive adoption software.

In-Product Messaging

Perfect your marketing campaigns Engage the right segment of your users at the right time and increase conversions.

Customer Feedback

Improve user experience through customer feedback software. Measure customer satisfaction with NPS surveys and capture important insights.

Interactive Help Center

Support customers with interactive help center software. Give instant answers through intuitive manuals,while decreasing your team’s support load.

GDPR Privacy Notice 

Ask for user consent inside your application and by simply launching a GDPR modal within your product, to ensure the data processing is always lawful.

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Product Announcement Bar

Increase viewability of your notifications with sticky banners. Broadcast the right information and invite users to interact. 

Product Usage Hints

Explain hows and whys of your interface with tooltips near at hand. Improve user experience through point shot clues. 

Website Redesign Walkthrough

Give users the choice to explore your brand new UI. Preclude any confusion and take charge of the product adoption.